Airbag – Designed For Your Safety on the Road

If you study on the internet, you will realize that there are various theories linked to the security and use of an airbag. Some believe that they're safe, whereas others believe differently. Previously, when these security bags were introduced, people were fearful of buying vehicles with these installed.

They were made from the mid-70s during a time once the seat belt popularity saw a significant decrease and the fatalities on the roads were increasing on a regular basis. Therefore, the safety bags have been marketed as a substitute for safety, as opposed to a supplementary safety aid, since they're done today.

But very soon, it was discovered that the use of a motorcar airbag with no supplement of seat belts result in acute injuries; there were chances that the driver and passengers could perish. Since these security bags have been coupled with seat belts as a step for security, the former has become one of the most crucial components of a security system.

Airbag - Designed For Your Safety on the Road

Frontal Airbag

These are those, which get deployed in the steering wheel of a vehicle. They comprise 'shaped'.


These made to operate from the dashboard and were created for protecting passengers.

Side Airbag

Despite the fact that there was security provided for front and rear collisions, there were no safety measures available for side crashes. This is the reason why side airbags were created. The different type of unwanted bags includes:

Curtain or Side Tubular: They had been created to protect head once the automobile was involved in a side collision.