How To Modify CPU Priority To Prefer Foreground Apps

Modify CPU Priority to prefer foreground apps By using Control Panel

In the very first step, sign into Windows with admin user account.

Present Quick Access by pressing windows key + X.

Start Control Panel from Quick Access selection.

While in the Control Panel click on System and Security and then also click on “System” in System and Security widow.

“System Properties” will show when you click on “Advance System Properties” on the left side of next display window.

Click on “Advanced” tab and select “Settings” beneath Performance options.

Next display windows will be “Performance options”. Simply click Advanced tab and click on “Programs” for best performance. Now, click on Ok to implement settings.

Generally, this option is specify by default and MS Windows OS will automatically favor applications.

You can also set CPU priority to prefer foreground apps by using registry editor.

Modify CPU Priority to prefer foreground apps By using Registry Editor

Launch run and type “regedit” and tap enter to open Registry Editor.

Go through this registry key.


Tweak value of Win32PrioritySeparation to allow CPU give priority to prefer foreground apps.

Double click “Win32PrioritySeparation” registry value.

If you plan to adjust the functioning of the foregrounds apps to be considerably better, then simply just specify the Value data as 26.

Whenever you change the value to 18, CPU will give preference to background apps.