Follow This Soy Milk Smoothie Recipe to Make Your Smoothies

Soy milk, it's much better than cow's milk for you and it tastes good too.

Perhaps there is a taste time adjustment necessary, but I know for a fact that same transformation was required for coffee yet the majority of people somehow found the way to crossover on that beverage. Unfortunately, to my knowledge normal coffee has very few benefits for the human body to partake of. Conversely soy milk is very good for the body and is delightful when you get the right soy milk smoothie recipes like the one the follows.

Here is the base for your smoothie:

* 2 cups soy milk (protein)

* 2 TB maple syrup (trace minerals)

* 6 dates (calcium)

* small handful almonds (protein)

* 2 bananas frozen (potassium)

TIP: Adding chocolate to the base makes your smoothie even tastier than it would have been else wise. If choosing this option a dark chocolate is best though most still contain waxes and fillers that would be best kept outside the body. The only cold pressed healthy chocolate that I personally am aware of is Xocai, which can be found on my Body By Chocolate website.

The two best Xocai chocolates to add to your smoothie would be the liquid Active or the orange chocolate which contains orange peel and provides a great source of Omegas.

Blend all above ingredients for 2 to 4 minutes or until nice and smooth.

NOTE: My brother's life was saved by potassium from bananas when he returned with malaria from Africa. Bananas are extremely good for our bodies to consume.

Add any of the following ingredients to your smoothie base in a combination of about 2 cups total.

* Blueberrys

* Black berrys

* Peaches

* Strawberries

* Pears

* Water melon

* Cantalop

* Huckleberries

Once your blend is nice and thick it is ready to serve 3 16-ounce glasses.

Want something more than a simple smoothie?

Pour your smoothie recipe into parfait dishes and freeze. Once frozen add a whipped topping and serve as desert.

Or freeze and use in drink mixture in place of ice cubes.

What you do with your soy milk smoothie recipes completely up to you. Imagination is all that limits your creative. However you choose to enjoy your smoothie, it is best served on a hot day where you are in need of relief from the sweltering heat.

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