Conveyor Belt for Bulk Materials

Having the wrong conveyor belt for bulk materials can be like having shoes that don’t fit. It affects everything else you do. It’s important to have a properly configured conveying system that will allow your production line to move efficiently. Here are a few of the specifications you should look for when shopping for your conveyor.One piece molded belt – If you’ve ever had a belt split apart or delaminate, lose cleats from your cleated conveyor belting, or have a sidewall detach; you’re probably well acquainted with laminated belts. Most conveyor belts comprise separately formed uppers glued to a base belt. This process makes construction simpler, but it also creates weakness in the belt that will culminate in a short lifespan and possible total failure in the middle of heavy use. Higher quality homogeneously cured belts, like Camflex, increase wear of the belt because there are no built-in seams to come apart.Specialized belt shape – All bulk materials don’t behave the same way on a conveyor belt. For example, if you consider bulk party supplies, they don’t behave this way. Moving sand isn’t the same as moving barley or coal. Cleated conveyor belting is ideal sand, but not for everything. It’s important to get a belt ideally shaped to convince your kind of material forward. This could be stud cleats, a chevron track, horizontal cleats, or a troughed belt. A belt manufacturer should be well versed in practical applications of its product, so look for evidence of a company’s research. Flexible walls – This feature has durability issues when laminated but when made with one-piece molded construction it does very well. It makes a huge difference in keeping product on the belt and out of your conveyor innards and all over your work area. Innovative walled belts are constructed in a zig-zag shape that fans out as the belt rounds the end wheels. Camflex belts are high quality walled belts.

Having a durable, specialized conveyor belt for your operation may be one of the most important things you can do to promote efficiency in your business. Do your research and expect the most from your belt manufacturer.