Choose the type of cable wisely


If you are looking for a wide range of cablesthen you are at the right place. Having the right cable hauling equipment is very necessary as many of the electrical equipments works on the basis of cable. Therefore one needs to take care of having strong and reliable cables for the equipments which would be later used for the work.

Use of cable hauling equipment

The cable hauling equipments have a special design that is made being mounted on the poles and with fiber optic cables. The cables are available in the following options

  • To be able to be high voltage insulation we have elevating work platforms with the height of 17 m.
  • The cable drums and single drum that has conductors for recovery.
  • Specially designed cables for crane bowlers and Paul extractors with installation of underground cables.
  • For the installation of underground cables cable drum trailers comprehends the right range up to 6t.

 Installation of underground cable equipments

The fiber optic cables also include cable blowers that are useful to install optical wires underground as well as for all the electrical equipments. The cable pulling equipments are required for large cable installation in companies. Get your cable installed right now you by the right cable hauling equipment.

Make sure that the correct cable is only used to install the right equipment or else it will result in the failure of the product.